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Birthdate:Aug 7
Location:Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
What little balm we have, we have against all odds. Do not walk away in sorrow. Do not be consoled. -Patricia Henley

I'm a midwife, homeschooler, and subcontinental Brooklyner who is co-parenting our three home-birthed children with my Econ Prof of a husband. I am: most myself in travel; always in motion (by foot or by bike!); working with the most underserved women of this great big city; feeling all the feelings; reading all the time. I'm at my happiest floating on my back in water, just staring at the sky and listening to muffled voices in the distance, but our happy and full life is exactly the opposite of that pace. This journal is my attempt to savor.

"my father once, in new york,
exasperated by my relentless demands to be sent back to finish high school in bombay, shouted at me,
'when you went there, you wanted to come here.
now that you're here, you want to go back.'

it was when i first realized i had a new nationality: citizen of the country of longing."

(from maximum city, suketu mehta)

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africana studies, arabic, archival work, attachment parenting, baking, bangles, bare feet, being generally goofy, bhangra, billy bragg, birds, bralessness!, brooklyn, bulky cardigans, cat stevens, charles w. chesnutt, cheese and apples, coffee, composting, cooking, diaspora, edward said, extended family, falling asleep on trains, feminism, fertility awareness method, franz fanon, gardening, gender studies, homebirth, homemade bread, homeschooling, iron & wine, islam, jasmine, jill lepore, judith butler, library basements, m.i.a., making lists, medieval gynecology, midwifery, misfit pets, misfit toys, missisippi jon hurt, nesting, nineteenth century "domestic" novels, paul gilroy, pauline hopkins, pineapple in savoury dishes, pitbulls, polyamory, porches, postcolonial studies, prospect park, rainboots but not rain, real mail, riesling, running, scarves, semi-colons, sneezing, spider chrysanthemums, subcontinental mixtape blues, sufjan stevens, tea, teaching, the beatles, the carter family, the civil war, the decemberists, the mountain goats, the smell of books, themed mixes, thick tights, traveling, unschooling, urdu, vampire weekend, vegetarian cooking, w.e.b. du bois, william faulkner, winter hats, wolf parade, women's studies, writing
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